Simplifying Home Staging

Simple Staging to Sell

“Simplicity Is the Keynote of All True Elegance” - Coco Chanel

The iconic, Coco Chanel had this figured out long ago, simple is best. Applying this principle to home staging also seems to stand the test of time. A clean, simple, and sophisticated home wins the hearts of more buyers than not these days.

Trying to gain the momentum for your home sale amongst hundreds, sometimes thousands of other homes in your market can be daunting.

However, by implementing these suggestions, along with the savvy assistance of a professional home stager, you may not only attract more attention from potential buyers and experience fewer days on market, but you may also earn more money for your home sale as well.


It is staggering how many home sellers neglect this critical but most basic of all steps in preparing their home for sale. We cannot express how important it is that your home not only be clean, but sparkling clean. Hire a professional to deep clean every nook and cranny.  If you have need of a cleaning service, allow us to recommend one.
Professionally clean carpets, rugs, and floors. Trust us, when a buyer walks into a home, cleanliness is one of the first things they will notice. When a home looks clean, smells clean, because it IS clean, there is a profound uptick in buyer interest.

Neutral or Muted Tones

After your home has been thoroughly cleaned, apply a fresh coat of paint to the interior. It instantly freshens and brightens the entire home. When choosing a paint color, choose neutral or muted colors: gray, beige, or variations of brown, green, rose, or blue. Think of the hues we organically see in nature. Shades of white or cream are also  excellent choices, which by the way, come in so many shades and subtle variances it boggles the mind. Check out Pinterest or other interior design sites for popular picks for the year.

Neutrals or muted tones tend to enhance the room's size and create a lighter, more sophisticated feel than some of the more vibrant colors we've seen in the past. Enlisting the help of a professional home stager will give you confidence in choosing a color that works perfectly with your home and its location, dimensions, and features. Choose a color that works for your area of the country. A simple white may work well in a coastal home, whereas a some whites can seem sterile and cold in the dead of winter in Wisconsin. However, this is not to say that white shouldn't be utilized in a colder climate. Using a "warmer", buttery hue, and enhancing with other colors/textures and furnishings can create the additional, desired warmth.

Minimize and Simplify

Buyers feel most connected to a home when they can quickly visualize their belongings and their lives unfolding in the home, and when they don't have to contend with an explosion of the seller's memorabilia splashed everywhere. It may seem a bit insensitive, but the fact is that the buyers aren't looking to buy YOUR memories, they are looking to make their own. Begin by focusing on the rooms that typically attract buyers' attention: the living area, the kitchen, bathrooms, and master suite.

In the main living area, remove things like old books and magazines, family photos, excessive furniture, and yes, that collection of figurines. Scale everything back.

Remember, simple is best. A vase with fresh flowers, great lighting, a beautiful piece of art as a focal point, and minimal furniture with clean lines are sometimes all that is needed. Allow the home to express itself and shine through.
In the kitchen, remove small appliances and everyday items from countertops, and replace large appliances with sleek, newer ones. Update light fixtures, cabinet pulls, or paint cabinets if necessary. You want the new owners to imagine gathering with their family or friends and noticing the space and functionality of the kitchen, not the clutter.
We will say it again, bathrooms should be immaculate. Neatly arrange everyday items, makeup, toiletries, toothbrushes, etc. in drawers or cupboards, so they are out of sight. As silly as this sounds, make sure there is a full roll of toilet tissue on the dispenser before showings, photos, or open houses. The details DO matter. Artfully arrange velvety towels in bundles. The use of fresh flowers, or a simple candle and a large fluffy bath mat would complete the look.
The master bedroom should be a wellspring, a place to refresh the soul. Again, paint color is key as well as making intelligent choices in regards to the textures and colors of bedding and window treatments. Make good use of natural lighting and your home's spectacular views. Have bed linens pressed and bed made flawlessly, adding fluffy pillows or a soft throw.
Remember, the desired feel should be calming and uncomplicated.

One Last Thing

Don't forget curb appeal. Many buyers will drive by and check out a home prior to viewing the interior. If a home looks untidy from the outside, they will assume the same of the inside, even if it isn't so. This is why it is important to mow the grass, edge the driveway and sidewalks, shovel snow from the walkways, rake the leaves, and trim the trees and hedges. Power wash the exterior, paint your front door if needed, replace dated house numbers or mailboxes,  and plant some colorful flowers if the season permits. Clean decks, roofs, gutters, and porches of all debris.
You get the idea, be the most pristine home on the block.
By simplifying your home, you can create an inviting domicile which will capture the attention of buyers.
After all, why shouldn't we take a lesson from the timeless philosophy of Coco Chanel? There is indeed power in simplicity and sophistication.

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